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Shake Roofs are Beautiful, Long Lasting & Fire Resistant – Santa Clara, CA Case Study

Shake roofs are beautiful in appearance, can be assembled to create a Class “A” fire rating which is the highest fire rating. They are energy efficient because they do not absorb heat like other roofing materials, i.e. asphalt shingle, tile, metal etc. and are eco-friendly since new trees are planted to replace the trees that are harvested–a renewable resource. Shake manufacturers give up to a 50-year warranty.


Shake Roof & New Gutter


A single ply material, FiberTite, was used for the cricket between the front porch and garage. FiberTite has been around for over 38 years, and according to the manufacturer over 99% of all Fibertite roofs are still in use today. Flashings were installed for appliance/heater ventilation. Pink labels on the shake roofing come from the manufactuer, showing proof that the shakes were fire-treated. These are left for the City Building Inspector to verify. The fire treatment in the shakes last the lifetime of the roof.

Santa Clara, CA