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Poor Ventilation Case Study, Los Gatos, CA

“We are tired of this heat. Is it time to buy an air conditioner?…. Carol N.

We analyzed the existing ventilation and insulation situation for a client in Los Gatos. The main attic had inadequate intake and inadequate mixed exhaust ventilation. A small cathedral ceiling had adequate intake but no exhaust. The garage had adequate intake and inadequate exhaust. The insulation was R-30 which is the correct amount. We made the following modifications to correct the existing ventilation

Poor ventilation was the cause of climate control issues in this Los Gatos home

Arial view of home with the plan for the proper ventilation modifications.

Main Attic Arealos-gatos-2

Rafter vents installed at the eave for intake ventilation.

Main Attic Arealos-gatos-3

Two exhaust vents cannot be present for a balanced ventilation system. Therefore the existing Eye Brow vents were covered with sheet metal to create a proper, balanced airflow.

Main Attic Arealos-gatos-4

Two automatic thermostatically controlled, gable-end fans installed, one at either end of the attic-which pulls the cool air in at the eave rafter vents and pushes hot air out the gable-end vent.

Garage Arealos-gatos-5

The existing intake ventilation was adequate. To correct the exhaust ventilation, O’Hagin vents were added to the existing eyebrow vents.

Cathedral Ceiling Arealos-gatos-6

The existing intake ventilation was adequate. To correct the exhaust ventilation, a Smart Vent was installed.

The modifications made are unique for this structure. There is no “one size fits all” with attic ventilation. Accurate calculations and selecting the best “vent” from the many options will result in success. Call for a free evaluation and recommendation for your home or building.

“Here’s to coming home to a cool house on a hot Friday afternoon! THANK you Linda and Jim Eastman (Eastman Roofing) for setting up our new ventilation system and attic fans! (Only downside…I may have to actually start cooking again!)” Carol N., Los Gatos, CA