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Custom Ventilation Created For 100 Year Old Vintage Clay, Cap & Pan Tile Roof, Burlingame, CA, Case Story

Initially Eastman Roofing was called to replace the existing deteriorated underlayment and reinstall the tiles. Observing the need for ventilation in this home, we asked the following question:

How do you install proper ventilation in a 100 year old home without it being noticeable, with 100-year old tile, with no overhang –and still meet today’s standards?

There are no standard tile vents that will work in this situation, so for an Intake solution we began by giving a sample of the 100-year old tile to a fabricator. He made a mold of the tile to create custom intake vents the shape of the tile. For the exhaust, we had a lead base attached to an electric attic fan to be roof mounted. The fan is controlled by an automatic thermostat. Solution found!

Custom Clay Tile Roof Ventilation System created.

Vintage Clay, Cap & Pan Tile Roof — We removed existing vintage tile, replaced old underlayment with CertainTeed MetaLayment™, which comes with a 50-year warranty. We corrected the attic ventilation with custom-made intake vents made to look like the original tile in order to reduce air conditioning costs, help prolong the life of the underlayment and create a more comfortable home environment. Then we reinstalled the vintage clay, cap and pan tile roof.

Additionally, and made, custom bird stop installed to prevent birds, rats and other creatures from entering the roof system.

Burlingame, CA