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Steel Tile Roof Repair

Metal Tile: Stone-coated steel originated during World War II and was developed by a New Zealand industrialist who developed coatings and shapes from the original corrugated material. Today’s stone-coated steel panels incorporate the same basic ingredients with a high tech flavor. The coatings themselves have greatly improved.

jpg51-53016_200x200Granular Surface Coming Off

The adhesive holding the colored granules has come off. This is a cosmetic issue. We can contact the manufacturer to get the color of granules and adhere them if desired.

jpg43-197823_200x200Nails Popped Up

This is an installation error. The nails to fasten the tiles are supposed to be ring shank nails, which do not back out. Renail in another location. Make sure the nails grab the wood below. Reanchor popped up nails and seal with urethane.

IMG_66531-123520_200x200Tiles Not Anchored

The original installer short-nailed the metal tile. Verify there is a nailing strip and nail tiles to prevent blow-off.

jpg20-5750_200x155Open at Hip and Ridge

The sealant applied when the roof was new has failed. Remove loose sealant and reseal with proper caulking and apply granules.

jpg66-124475_200x200Tiles Bent

Someone, perhaps a painter or someone retrieving a ball or something off the roof, stepped in the center of the tile instead of at the bottom edge. Bend tiles back up to prevent seepage. Anchor with screws if needed, seal screws with urethane, or replace bent tiles.

jpg39-142968_200x200Field Tile Improper

The field tiles do not go under the barge rafter. They are sealed with caulking which will need to be maintained and resealed. The proper method is to cut the barge rafter and install the field tiles under the barge rafter.

jpg38-119533_200x200Abandoned Plumbers Flashing

Often during a remodel, when plumbing is moved, new flashings for pipes are installed and the old flashings are left open. Cover hole in old flashings with sheet metal.

jpg51-53016_200x200 (1)Broken Skylight

The amount of time it takes for the plastic dome to break down depends upon the quality of the plastic used to make the skylight. The dome can sometimes be replaced. It is easier just to replace the whole skylight. Some manufacturers give a lifetime warranty, even for plastic domes. Glass is heavier and more expensive than plastic. Glass has a higher R-value and lasts indefinitely.

jpg11-99895_200x200Improper Skylight and Flashing

This skylight is a piece of Plexiglas sealed with caulking and screwed to the skylight wood curb. This is not code and will need ongoing maintenance. Replace the skylight flashings that are not oriented correctly, reorient flashings and metal tiles.

jpg81-78431_200x200Gaps Between Pipes and Plumber’s Flashing

This space between the pipe and the flashing should be sealed to prevent seepage.

jpg79-185770_200x200Plumber’s Roof Flashing Separating

This installer cut the metal roof tiles around the plumber’s flashing and sealed in between with sealant. The sealant has separated from the tile. Remove loose sealant, apply urethane caulking generously, embed granules and/or paint to match.

jpg78-158535_200x200Hole in Metal

Puncture was sealed with caulking, which has failed. Replace the tile or attach a piece of sheet metal, seal with urethane and cover with granules or paint to match.

jpg74-163230_200x200Roof Valley Too Short

Original installer installed the roof valley metal too high above the gutter, which caused seepage on the roof deck overhang. Take tiles off, extend valley metal and reinstall metal tiles.

IMG_5279-136474_200x200Counterflashing Not Sealed

The installer put new counterflashing on top of the old counterflashing. The new counterflashing is not sealed against the old and will allow seepage. Seal top edge of counterflashing and paint. This will have to be maintained.

jpg80-67283_200x200Gable End Tiles Misoriented

The field tiles and rake tiles did not integrate correctly. This caused the water to go under the roof, which caused dry rot in the roof deck. Take tiles off for access, replace damaged wood (Others to paint), reinstall tiles correctly so water will not get under the metal tile.

IMG_24471-130393_200x200No Counterflashing/Sealant Damaged

The installer bent the tiles up the side of the chimney and sealed the top with caulking. The caulking will fail again and you can continue to re-caulk it or install a counterflashing in the mortar for a long term solution.

IMG_66521-129507_200x200Counterflashing Not Integrated Into Wall

The installer attached metal to the siding and sealed it with caulking. This will fail and have to be resealed. Reseal again or integrate metal behind the siding and over the metal tile for a permanent repair.


This can cause water to back up and allow seepage. It can also cause dry rot in the roof deck, which in turn leads to premature roof failure. Remove the debris.

jpg-84715_200x200Dry Rot Repair

The metal tile was put over a dry rotted deck or water has seeped in from improper flashing orientation. Remove tiles, replace damaged wood, reinstall tiles. Orient flashings correctly and apply sealant as needed.

jpg1-110769_200x200Tie In Improper

The installer put rolled roofing on top of the tile, not under it, which will buck water. The orientation is wrong and the sealants used may or may not work for the short term. Take apart, discard old roofing materials, install Ice & Water Shield with a new metal cricket on top. Reinstall field tiles.

jpg85-89888_200x200Skylight/Flashing/No Overlap

The flashing does not go up high enough for the skylight frame to overlap the flashing and the wood curb is exposed. This is open and will allow seepage. Remove the skylight and install a counterflashing on top of the curb that overlaps the flashing on the side.

jpg37-149496_200x200Chimney Chase Leaks at Top

A chimney chase is usually a wood framed box. The pipe for the fireplace goes through the box and out the top. Typical roof chimney flashings are installed then siding covers the framing and overlaps the chimney flashing. Last a metal top is installed which allows the chimney flue to go through to the outside air. The metal top usually has a metal piece that prevents water from flowing down the opening in the metal top. The flue usually has a collar that overlaps the metal piece on the metal top. The flue usually has a metal top to prevent water from going down the inside of the flue. Any one of these items in this assembly can leak if not done correctly or if it has deteriorated. Invest all the potential issues and effect a repair.

IMG_26101-79067_200x200Gutter in Stucco

When the house was built, the sheet metal installer put the gutter too close to the stucco paper. When the stucco was applied, it went around the gutter, not behind it. Over time the gutter joint can deteriorate, allowing seepage in the wall. Remove the gutter, cut the end back, reinstall the gutter end, repair the wall with waterproofing materials, then reinstall the gutter.

IMG_0012-138570_200x200Vent Cap Rusted Out, Damaged, Missing

Over time, exhaust from appliances will corrode and deteriorate the vent; damage from termite fumigation people, or wind can cause the top to blow off. Repair or replace vent cap as needed.

jpg14-77989_200x200Plastic Gutter

Plastic gutters do not come with a wing. The plastic gutter company makes a plastic diverter to divert the water into the gutter. If it is not installed, the edge of the roof deck will develop dry rot.