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Community Involvement In Our Life’s Work

City Team



Cityteam in San Jose is a great non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in our local community make it through tough situations. They provide food, shelter, showers, clothing and addiction recovery counseling to the disadvantaged and needy. We believe it’s our duty to try to help by committing our time and resources to this very noble cause that assists our fellow San Jose citizens.


Celebrating at the 2015 Heritage Home Gala. Great night, great food and great people for a worthy cause.
  • Kay Harbal, Property Supervisor at Portfolio Realty Management.
  • Jim Eastman, President of Eastman Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.
  • Dee Dee Kiesow, Development Officer at Cityteam,
  • Linda Eastman, Vice-President Eastman Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc., and
  • Craig Gorman, Intero Real Estate Services and President of the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors

Beautiful Day – Beautifying our Community


We are involved with an association known as Beautiful Day, which focuses on serving the needs of people in Santa Clara County. It’s a group of government agencies, community organizations like our church, and individual people who just want to help make things better for all of us through a variety of projects. During one such project last year we coordinated and helped put new gutters on one of our local schools, Independence High School. We thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to our next volunteering opportunity.

Bridging the Gap Africa – Helping to build bridges for a safer world


People in many parts of Africa risk their lives every day walking in rugged conditions to simply get somewhere for their basic needs. This often involves crossing swift rivers in places where there are no man-made means of safe passage. A non-profit humanitarian organization known as “Bridging the Gap Africa” helps solve this dilemma by sending volunteers to build foot bridges, which greatly reduces risk of injury or death from drowning. We do our part by helping to raise money for this worthy project.


Jambo, Charity Event Oct. 2012 with Harmon & Terry Parker of Bridging The Gap Africa

Bridging the Gap, Africa Director speaks at TEDX Conference