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New Fibertite Kee roof installed at home in San Jose, CA, Case Story

FiberTite is an excellent roofing product for all flat roofs. FiberTite has been used in the industry for over 35 years and offers warranties up to 30 years.

San Jose Flat Roof Case Study - View of the house


Typically, a FiberTite KEE single-ply membrane can go over an existing tar and gravel roof without removing gravel. This roof was unique in that we did have to remove some extra gravel. After we did this, the fanfold was delivered on the roof, to be installed between the original roof and the FiberTite membrane. We finished the copping/cap metal installed on the parapet wall. With all the details finished up, the flat roof is ready to protect the home from anything the California weather may deliver.

San Jose, CA