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What To Expect When Re-Roofing Your Home

Tearing off your roof is a dirty process. There are literally tons of roofing materials on your roof that need to be torn off. The tear off process can be messy and loud at times.

Some debris may fall into your garage and attic. Debris or dust may also enter the interior of your home through skylights, roof penetrations, tongue and groove ceilings, etc. It is recommended that you cover the areas below as well as storage areas such as attics
where personal belongings are stored, with tarps or drop clothes as these areas are not included in your proposal.

The re-roofing process can cause vibration down to the foundation of your home. It is recommended that the homeowner/tenant take precautions to protect any fragile items such as collectibles or pictures by removing them from shelves or walls to prevent damage.

If dry rot is found after the roof is torn off, an Additional Work Authorization will be written up for the additional repairs for your approval.

Typically large trucks are used to discard the old roofing materials and deliver new materials. Driveways and walkways should be cleared to make way for deliveries.

It is not necessary to be at home during the re-roofing process, but it is a good idea to be available by phone/email as unexpected things come up that we may need to consult with you about.

If you choose to be home during the tear off process, please keep children and pets indoors.